2018 Honda Civic Type R review

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For many, the new Type R is annoyingly stylized and too exaggerated, but is that really a bad thing? I thought about it before I put down the deposit for hours and wondered if I made the right decision.

Is it too exaggerated? Honestly, yes it probably is, but is it negative? Not really! Ninety-nine percent of consumer vehicles nowadays go for a more conservative look that is attractive to a much older audience.

Take VW with the newest Golf R. For example, from the MK5 R32 and MK6 R, both of which have a somewhat aggressive style in the factory, to the now more mature and conservative MK7.5 Golf R. Yes, most cars you can see are beautiful Adding and adding lips and spoilers to enhance the appearance of the car, but what is the point in spending nearly $ 60,000 on a car just to spend more to make it look the way you want? For me, the Type R was the answer.

Every bend, lip, spoiler and diffuser is functional in helping the car achieve optimum downforce on the track and on the road. It is not just pieces of plastic that are on it to look cool. The large spoiler that everyone regards as a ‘rice driver’ is one of the most important reasons why the car was able to reach the time around the Nürburgring, and what an incredible time it was for a front-wheel drive hot hatch! All these factors played a role when I decided to buy the car, as well as Honda’s well-known reliability with its engines, and I am not disappointed.

It is ready for the job. After navigating through the dashboard controls and changing settings on the speedo cluster, I found all the options I needed to take it to the job. G-force sensors, switch lights, pedal pressure for acceleration and brakes and boost meters are some of the great features that you get when you buy this sample.

Let’s talk about the seats! My god, the seats. I don’t know what to say about it. First things first, they look great! The red suede in combination with red safety belts are slightly different. I love them and they are incredibly comfortable for racing seats. I have been in the Focus RS and frankly prefer those in the Honda much more. No, you don’t get heated seats, but what difference does it make? They do not get cold in the morning and do not burn your bottom in the afternoon sun.

I can say very little that disappoints me about the car. I suspect it is easy to break traction because of the front-wheel drive? Especially from a car that is AWD and now in this, it can sometimes be disappointing, but apart from that it is actually quite a smart FWD car. There is virtually no torque steering and understeer is almost non-existent. You will notice that the rear of the car wants to get out before the front decides to light up the outside of the lane. In fact, my MK6 Golf R undermines more than the Honda.

The engine itself can of course always be faster, but that is with every car I think. When will it ever be enough power? It was the smartest thing Honda ever did in the turbo hatch category, because that’s really what appeals to consumers looking for performance hatches. You get a nice whistle and a blow from ‘whoosh’ when you accelerate and release the gas. It is really exciting to hear that sound.

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