2017 Honda Jazz VTi review

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A nice little red city car and handy for occasional trips. This car is shared by myself and my wife. My wife enjoys the interior space that it offers and the handy door compartments. She finds it easy to drive, and it feels much bigger once you’re in it than the outside looks. A bit like Dr. Who’s TARDIS.

However, the rear edges of the rear doors do not fit properly. Be careful when you buy one. They don’t look like they were pressed correctly at the factory.
The rear doors do not fit flat. The dealer cannot correct this because it is a factory fault and there is no way to adjust the door hinges. These days, such an error should not go beyond the management or design teams. A pity, because it spoils a neat city car. Poor engineering from Honda Thailand. How they get past quality control with this error, beats me.

Apart from this technical error, I think the Jazz is a nice car for what it wants to do. It drives nicely, fits in tight spaces and has a handy rear view camera, although it is difficult to view the image in certain light conditions. It is spacious for its size bracket. A reasonable amount of cargo can be transported thanks to the rear seat configuration.

The audio fascia finish collects dust and should be reviewed in that respect. Dealers are far apart, so think about it when you buy. Very good view from the driver’s point of view.

A light around the key barrel would be good, just like more engine and cabin insulation. The tailgate would be more practical with a sort of automatic lift mechanism.

The engine and CVT transmission seem well matched, but it is quite noisy when accelerating. Since I have only covered 5000 km, it is difficult to comment on mechanical reliability. As I noted at the start of this report, the doors are the things that need to be checked. The maintenance costs are much the same as any other car of this level.

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