2016 Honda HR-V VTi-S review

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I bought my Honda HRV VTI-S in December 2016. I was attracted by the price, appearance and overall package of the vehicle. I was also looking for reliability and a good residual value, because I put a few kilometers on my cars. I thought Honda was one of the best options for the great build quality, fit and finish, and wear.

It has comfortable seats with great support. Functional seats too, with a folding option that is very handy. Although, the middle one is rock hard.

The quirky console with all buttons in touchpad style responds very quickly, although you have to keep your eyes off the road for a fraction of a second if you want to turn the fan up or down for example. A more tangible screen would be better suited.

The fuel consumption is disappointing with an average of 8.5 liters / 100 km. The small fuel tank does not help either.

Only two gloves fit in the glovebox! The side cup holders in the doors hold (only) a bottle and there is a smaller one next to it. I’m not sure what this is for. Maybe an egg?

It is well furnished, although GPS is not an option for the entire range. The piano black finishes are attractive and make the interior more chic, but they are dust magnets. Fortunately my microfiber cloth is no bigger than a pair of gloves!

The Honda is very smooth and quiet on the public road, but the stop-start is a bit on the noisy side thanks to the CVT. I am considering a new suspension because the factory is amazing to say the least.

All in all it is a great car with a sharp appearance, but another 20 kW would not have hurt.

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